Greetings From Headquarters

Rod Hirsch | May 27, 2011
Greetings and welcome to the revamped, redesigned Operation Shoebox New Jersey website! We’re sure you’ll agree that it is more user friendly, easier to navigate and easy on the eyes. Dina Portik of Raven Design in Dunellen, N.J. has been working on the new site for several months and we owe her considerable thanks for the sleek, sophisticated look and feel of the website. “The most important element of a good website is its ability to tell its story on a single page, and I think we’ve accomplished that here,” Portik said. “The new design includes all of the “pieces” that make up Operation Shoebox New Jersey and will offer the viewer a stronger understanding of who we are and what we do.” The updated layout and design is much more modern and professional, and above all, easier to read. Navigation is always key – no one wants to visit a site and have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the information they are looking for. Dina has gone to great lengths to make sense of all the information we offer, with increased emphasis on the photographs we receive on a regular basis from the thankful men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Special thanks go to Dick Brandt, who launched the original website five years ago and singlehandedly eased OPSHBX NJ into cyberspace; his efforts helped OPSHBX NJ to brand itself throughout New Jersey and across the nation. For the past two years Dick has continued to update the website from his new home in Louisiana and will continue to work with OPSHBX NJ as a senior advisor as we value his wisdom and lso anxious to updated website features social networking plug-ins, including the Facebook “share” and “like” buttons to help maximize exposure to new users, volunteers and potential donors and ultimately increase site traffic. Other improved features include Shop Now and Donate buttons on each page, as well as a registration link to receive a care packages or to volunteer for a event. Each week we’ll feature a column on the home page with updates on our volunteers, fund raising events and other news like our new partnerships with Viridian Energy and, both of which will help to raise money to cover the expense of shipping our personal care packages overseas. We’re also anxious to hear what you think about the new website. Please write me at with any suggestions for improvements or enhancements. Email Rod