Deadline for Reaffirmation Agreement

If you have filed for bankruptcy and your debts have been discharged, you may still be able to keep certain assets, such as your car or home, by signing a reaffirmation agreement. This agreement is a legally binding contract between you and your creditor, in which you agree to repay a specified debt, even if it could have been discharged in bankruptcy.

However, there is a deadline for signing a reaffirmation agreement. This deadline is usually set by the court and is typically 60 days after the meeting of creditors. If you fail to sign the agreement by the deadline, your creditor has the right to repossess or foreclose on the asset in question.

It is important to note that signing a reaffirmation agreement is optional. If you do not sign one, you can still keep the asset in question as long as you continue to make your payments. However, if you do sign one, you will be legally obligated to repay the debt even if your financial situation changes.

Before signing a reaffirmation agreement, it is important to carefully consider your options and consult with your bankruptcy attorney. Make sure you understand the terms of the agreement and the long-term financial implications of signing it.

In summary, the deadline for signing a reaffirmation agreement is an important aspect of the bankruptcy process. Make sure you are aware of the deadline and seek professional guidance before making any decisions about signing a reaffirmation agreement.

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