Letter from SSG Erik K. Zlatkin

Operation Shoebox, It is with the greatest appreciation that I am writing this letter to you. My name is SSG Erik K. Zlatkin. I am a medic on the 759th Forward Surgical Team. We have been in Afghanistan for over half a year now, providing medical support to our fellow soldiers and coalition forces. This is the second and in some case third deployment for my teammates. We are still motivated and proud to be doing our duty overseas. There is no feeling that remotely compares with the acknowledgement and appreciation of our countrymen. All of the boxes were terrific, and put a smile on the faces of countless soldiers. As you may imagine we are constantly running low on perssonal supplies. Other items such as candybars and snack food are always a nice change to the daily routine of army food. Basically the packages hit the spot perfectly. Seeing as how this is an ongoing operation, I would like to ask if you could help out our sister unit also located in Afghanistan. They have not been as lucky as us in regards to care packages from friends and family back home. They are quite busy and could use the great support you have shown us and so many oters. Their address is: TF 2/87 759TH Forward Surgical Team FOB ANED APO AE 09354 Please send our deepest thanks to everyone who has taken some small part in this wonderful operation. You are the reason we put on the uniform everyday. To all those who have kept us in their prayers, thank you. God bless you all, and God bless America. SSG Zlatkin, Erik K. 759th Forward Surgical Team FOB Lagman APO AE 09355 ..

Correspondence from the front

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