Letter from Lt. Col Moerschell

Good Afternoon, Captain Don Cicotte, who is a Marine stationed in Qatar, came into our office this morning and with him he brought a package which he gave to Army Specialist Jennifer Sardam. Inside the box, AKA, Shoebox, were many thoughtful items which service members deployed to the Middle East miss from home. I can not state how much your kindness means to the service members you send these Shoeboxes to and how much it lifts their spirits knowing that even a stranger from home cares enough to send a package to them. Attached is a picture of the package that was received and the people who were touched by it. Again, thank you very much for your support and thoughtfulness, Respectfully, MARTIN P. MOERSCHELL, Lt Col, USAF ESGR Forward, Team Leader USCENTCOM - Deployed DSN: 318-432-8358 ..

Correspondence from the front

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