Prenuptial Agreement Protection

Cheaper services might be perfect for some couples, but a marriage deal can be an incredibly sensitive, time-delayed deal, so a quick “anticipated” cost service may not be appropriate. Without Prenup, creditors can sue marital property while only one spouse is the debtor. To avoid this, limit your debt liability in a marital agreement. In February 2010, Harris Interactive conducted a usa Today survey of adult opinion in the United States on marital agreements. The survey revealed, among other things, that 4% of married people have a prenup. In Texas and Florida, which reported higher divorce rates in 2009 than in most other states, it could be particularly expensive not to have a prenup. For example, if you have a current account, savings account, investment account, pension account or other, you keep that account in your name alone. You will never merge these accounts with your spouse`s name or create a joint account. This does not mean that you cannot open a joint account with your spouse, but it does mean that this joint account is most likely divisible.

However, if your marriage agreement addresses your pre-marital accounts, you probably won`t have to share them with your spouse. You think you`ve done everything you need to do: build your career, work hard and amass a lot of wealth. When you got married, you and your spouse took responsibility and signed a marriage pact. In addition, the prenup must have been established at least 21 days before the marriage and each spouse must disclose all debts as well as all assets. An agreement with false signatures or changes to the text after signing will also invalidate the Prenup. “These trusts are not technically tools, but they can ensure that the assets remain in the original family after the death of the first spouse,” Walker said. “When the surviving spouse remarries, it prevents the surviving spouse from distributing property to the new spouse and family.” Together, we have 20 years of experience in the exclusive practice of marriage and family law, with substantive knowledge of securities litigation and litigation. We deal with complex financial and custody matters and are Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP`s partners in fair distribution, child care, paternity and protection orders. We also design pre-marriage and post-marriage agreements.

We are frequent teachers on various family law issues and regularly contribute to the media on marriage and family law.

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