Federated Byzantine Agreement (Fba) Network

The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) is the underlying consensus algorithm of the Stellar Network, which serves as the safe construction of the Federal Byzantine Agreement (FBA). The Stellar network implements many similar mechanisms for distributing the margin of error through a financial network as other cryptocurrencies with some significant variations. Flare is a new distributed network that uses the same consensus style as Ripple and Stellar (Federated Byzantine Agreement). Flare is however complete turing and can run full Smart Contracts – the first version of Flare is in the process of the latest ethereum Virtual Machine. Blockchains should be fast and secure. When nodes are “stuck” on the way to the deal, the blockchain slows down. If the nodes on a blockchain have different values from other nodes, the system is “divergent”. A different system is more dangerous than a blocked system: blocked systems are slow, but divergent systems indicate conflicting data. The SCP is the implementation of the Protocol of the Byzantine Agreement Federated, which aims to minimize cases of blocked agreement and neutralize them through a voting system. The SCP protocol includes two primary sub-minutes, the nomination minutes and the voting minutes.

The trusted position is established in a node`s configuration file. Because nodes can have different configuration files, slices and quorums can form dynamically within a network. A good quorum divides the nodes, which leads to overlapping quorums. This overlap is called a quorum intersection. If the quorums do not overlap, the system ends with “inconsistent quorums.” Inconsistent quorums are not desirable, as each of them can agree independently and at the same time on contradictory transactions, which undermines the overall consensus. FBA agrees on status updates by using a single location where dependencies to the update are derived between nodes. Nodes must agree on the slot update at each consensus. However, since the system is open to nodes that join and leave the network at will, a quorum consensus mechanism based on majority will not work. Instead, amazon shipping uses the Slices SCP Quorum, which is a subset of quorums that can convince certain nodes of an agreement. A quorum slice can convince a single node of consent, while a quorum convinces the entire compliance system. If a node considers a particular quorum slice to be entirely trustworthy, it can agree to go with what that quorum slice agrees on. Here you will find a complete specification of Flare Network: flare.ghost.io/theflarenetwork/ – the information contained in the ILP forums above dates from the beginning of the development process and can now be considered obsolete.

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