Coop Operating Agreement

However, unlike most CLLs, we are an LLC organized according to cooperative principles. These principles of cooperation are defined in the so-called operating contract. This is not the case for labour co-ops. Certainly not in the creative sector. In order to continue the federal assistance that allowed housing co-ops to charge its low-income members less than the co-op`s costs, CMHC proposed to extend expired enterprise agreements. Regional associations, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and agency relationship managers can help partner companies plan their transition. Among the following resources, you will find information on the end of enterprise agreements for Koops under each CMHC housing program. The enterprise agreement is the document that took us a year to develop. This is the document that we explicitly share with you, hoping to save you some time by creating your own labour-held technology co-op. This is an agreement that every Feel Train worker-owner must sign before becoming a full worker-owner (AKA before having a voice). Feel Train is organized in Oregon as a limited liability company (LLC).

We had the opportunity to organize ourselves as AN LLC or Oregon Cooperative Corporation. In the end, we went with the LLC as our core organizing principle, because it would make us much more flexibility in the way we organize things than an official Oregon co-op. In addition, the Oregon Coop is more organized around the idea of a traditional agricultural or retail co-op than a technology consulting co-op, so it simply does not fit our needs in some way. In any event, it can be difficult to find legal/tax assistance and to find legal documents first. It took us a year to design our last documents, and we do not want it to take a year to do so. Other co-ops that have made their documents public have been very helpful, but we wanted to go further and come up with resigned documents so that you can understand a context as to why we made the decisions we made in the development of the documents. Feel Train is a creative technology co-op owned by workers. The United States is not a terribly friendly place to create a Worker`s Co-op. What I mean by that is that you can look for “integrate into the state” and you can get a million resources as you can create a traditional business.

There are sites where you can pay some money, fill out a form, and they will spit out all your founding documents for you. With a few exceptions, enterprise agreements with CMHC are grouped into four groups, according to the housing program, which supported the development of the co-op. The Agency will provide you with information on the rules governing these programs. You will also find detailed information on the main features of each program. Let`s start with a brief introduction to the different documents, the differences between them and the use of these documents.

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