Bitdefender Subscription Agreement

I sent several emails to Bitdefender for fraudulently giving me a fake subscription and asking me to click on the installation link for Bitdefender Install & SetUp – 1 intervention and additional cost. I will never take an antivirus subscription to Bitdefender. Everyone stays away from Bitdefender. They don`t like their customers` ones. They just want your money. All your subscriptions are automatically renewed for periods corresponding to your initial subscription term and you will be charged our current rates unless you cancel your subscription through the Bitdefender Central account before your next scheduled billing date or by email: Bitdefender reserves the right to stop supporting its products or any version of its products or to discontinue its products or product functions. End of Support policies are published on the Bitdefender website and can be found at the following link: This is quite common. Two examples: for Office for a data serviceBut you talk about Microsoft fraud and Verizon fraud here? I would not. It is somehow inherent in a subscription that it is extended until you resign. You`d be quite surprised if you automatically lost your Office 365 service (and your data) after using it for a year.

It`s best to read the fine print when you sign up for something. Kees Bitdefender may also use statistics derived from technical information to track and publish reports on trends in security risks or system optimizations, Bitdefender reserves the right to use technical information and to publish figures, statistics and analyses as part of the evaluation. By using the Software, you acknowledge and agree that Bitdefender may collect, transmit, store, disclose and analyze such information for these purposes. You represent that all data you provide is accurate and accurate and you agree to notify Bitdefender of changes to such data. They have the right to object to the processing of their data, which is not necessary for the performance of the contract, and to their use for purposes other than the maintenance of the contractual relationship. This Subscription Agreement is a legally valid agreement between you (i.e. a natural or legal person) and Bitdefender on the use of the aforementioned Bitdefender Solution, which includes software and services for your device and may include associated media, printed materials and “online” or electronic documentation (hereinafter referred to as the “Bitdefender Solution”) which may cover all copyrights and international treaties they are there. .

By installing, copying or using the Bitdefender solution, you agree to the terms of this agreement. For Bitdefender Security for AWS, monthly subscription, you will receive the Bitdefender solution as long as you pay for your subscription.

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