Addendum To The Employment Agreement

This Addendum to the Employment Agreement of January 2, 2009 (“Addendum”) is an addendum to the employment contract between John Doe (“Employer”) and Jane Smith (“Employee”), dated January 2, 2009 (“the Employment Agreement”), which comes into effect today, May 5, 2010. The employment contract is attached and is an integral part of this document. Before me, the undersigned notary appeared in and for this county and for the state personally John Doe and Jane Smith, on this 5th day of May 2010. They then signed this amendment as a free and voluntary act and action. The parties hereby agree, against good consideration, that the second point IV of the employment contract is deleted as follows: the text of IV of the original contract would go here and a deletion would be used to show that the point is now deleted. The original text of point I of the original employment contract would go here, and all the words you wanted to delete would be passed on. Any words you want to add will be printed in bold. 1. Point I of the contract of employment shall be amended as follows, with the item printed in bold and the crossed out text deleted: (3) After item VI, point VII shall be added as follows:. . .


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