Acme Supermarkets, Hershey Corporation Partner with OpShoeboxNJ to Sponsor “Operation Sweetness” Candy Collection in NJ, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland<

opshbxnjacmesweetnesssignWeekly sales circulars distributed by ACME advertise the “Operation Sweetness” program.

Shoppers are encouraged to stock up on Halloween candy as well as making a purchase for US troops overseas. Bins and carts are located in front of each store, where shoppers can drop off their donations.

ACME will deliver the candy to Operation Shoebox New Jersey headquarters in Hillsborough; volunteers will include the donated candy in its care packages, which are shipped to US troops deployed around the world on a weekly basis.

Operation Sweetness was launched Sept. 23 and will continue through Halloween Day, Oct. 31.

Operation Shoebox New Jersey is a volunteer non-profit corporation founded in 2005 by Rod Hirsch, executive director.  Several times each year, volunteers gather to assemble care packages for shipment overseas.

“We’re proud to say that in 11 years of maintaining our supply line of personal care packages overseas, we’ve never had to purchase any of the items that are included in our care packages,” Hirsch said.

“We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of compassionate people who understand the need to help boost the morale of our troops,” he continued. “What better way to do that than to send them bags of candy or snack bars to remind them of home.”

Registered with the federal government as a 501C non-profit corporation, all donations to Operation Shoebox New Jersey are tax deductible.

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