Letter from SFC Roque

It is with enormous pride to be an American that I write this letter. I want to thank you, your staff, and everyone in New Jersey for taking the time to let us know that we are not forgotten. I'm currently deployed to Southern Afghanistan as an ETT (Embedded Training Team) or combat advisor as it was called during the Vietnam conflict. I am part of a two man team that train and fight along with the ANA (Afghan National Army). We live with the ANA in the most remote places, so it was a huge surprise when we arrived at a base where we collect our mail to find your boxes. Our entire team was present at this base and there was enough to go around for all 16 of us. It was like x-mas in June, some of the items we have not seen since leaving the U.S. If you can also let the freshman class of Parsippany Hills High School know how much their letters meant to us. Knowing that we still have Americans who support us makes everything that we go through here seems worth it. Again I want to thank you, thank you for taking the time to care. Proudly Serving, SFC Roque Here's a picture of Team Tomahawk 2-2-205th Corps .

Correspondence from the front

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