Letter from 1st Lt Doug Bartolotta

Dear Friends - Hunterdon County Bulldogs, My name is 1LT Douglas Bartolotta. I'm a Platoon Leader for 2/C/2-3FA, 1BCT, 1AD out of Giessen, Germany. I've been in Iraq for about 6 months and at this halfway point, recently recieved your generous "Shoeboxes". My soldiers and I can not thank you enough for the overwhelming support you have shown as well as the participation and awareness you are raising in America's hometowns. Your efforts truly make the soldiers and all Armed Forces personnel feel missed and reassured that Americans back home are on our side. I graduated from Bridgewater-Rariatan High School in 2000. After High School I was nominated and accepted to the United States Military Academy. I graduated in 2004 and was commisioned as an U.S. Army Officer. Knowing that this Operation came out of Central Jersey gives me a lot of pride. You have succeeded in supporting us and reminding us that all of you are worth fighting for. Thank you for what you've done. Sincerely, 1LT Doug Bartolotta PL, C/2-3FA, 1BCT, 1AD ..

Correspondence from the front

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